Strong industry & research credentials - meet the founding team

Our team has accumulated several years of research and development experience

both in France’s most prestigious biomedical research institutes and in international companies. Based in Nantes, Biomedical Tissues benefits from being part of a vibrant regional biomedical research hub.

Valérie Dumay

Valérie Dumay

CEO & Founding Partner

President and co-founder of Biomedical Tissues, Valérie spent a total of eight years managing international R&D projects for Mitsubishi Chemical in Japan and Chromagenics B.V. in the Netherlands. In addition, Valérie, who gained her Phd in microbiology at the Pasteur institute, has practical industrial experience  in the field of tissue engineering and the putting in place of ISO standards.

Alain Hoornaert

Alain Hoornaert

Medical Advisor

Alain is a dental-surgeon and a professor at the University of Nantes in charge of the dental implant unit. Alain, who is the Medical Advisor to Biomedical Tissues, holds a PhD in Biomechanics and is co-author of Biomedical Tissues patent. 

Pierre Layrolle

Pierre Layrolle

Scientific Advisor

A research director at Inserm, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research since 2003, Pierre is Biomedical Tissues’ Scientific Advisor and co-author of the company’s patents. Pierre holds a PhD in Biomaterials and between 1997 and 2002 worked on developing the implantable medical device market for  the Netherlands-based company, ISOTIS B.V.


We would like to thank the following organisations...

…for their crucial support in helping us achieve our aim of better clinical success rates, improving the clinical experience and ultimately improving the quality of life for patients: Atlanpole, Réseau Entreprendre Atlantique, Total Développement, EADS Développement, Région Pays de la Loire and OSEO Bpi.

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