nTios for improved osteointegration

nTios for better implant stability

nTios offers colour coding possibilities

Different pore sizes and heights can be achieved by changing the anodization voltage.

Our nanometer-thin surface treatment can be applied to all types of topography, whether rough or smooth, and to all types of geometry, whetehr flat or complex 3d structures. 

nTios is so precise that implant product specifications are fully respected, and implant tolerances and dimensions remain unaltered.

Early implant loading is possible thanks to nTios’ unique high quality mechanical properties: excellent biocompatibility, enhances bioactivity, increases hydrophilicity, increases protein adsorption.

nTios surface treatment is available in a range of colours, which allows each medical device to be colour-coded for easy identification during surgical procedures. In addition to this practical aspect, colour coded implants have the advantage of being more aesthetically appealing

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