Tisseos® - Synthetic Resorbable Membrane

The Tisseos® membrane outperforms on both safety and resorption times

Our unique patented production process generates 3d matrix microfiber. And since our membrane is synthetic it is not subject to the variations in chemical make-up that arise between membranes manufactured using animal by-products.

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Tisseos dental membrane for guided tissue regeneration

Biomedical Tissues develops and manufactures the synthetic resorbable membranes that help human tissues to regenerate more quickly. Our landmark product, Tisseos®, is the future in Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) applications.

Our unique, patented manufacturing process enables us to create biodegradable synthetic 3D polymer matrices, which mimic the structure of human tissue in order to encourage the healing process.

The form and compostion of our matrices, which encourage cellular colonisation and differentation, can be adapted to meet the specific needs of a wide range of applications.

That is why today Biomedical Tissues is bringing its products to new markets beyond its established base in the dental surgery field.


Training course: applied GTR

We are holding a hands-on training course in applied GTR techniques for socket preservation and periodontology. Thursday 5 April, Sotteville lès Rouen, France. To find out more please contact Annie Becker – abecker@biometiss.com

Tisseos @ AEEDC 2018, Dubai

Biomedical Tissues is exhibiting for the first time at AEEDC Dubai – stand PG03. Dentists and distributors should stop by to discover Tisseos our groundbreaking resorbable synthetic membrane. Animal-free, so easy to use and can be left exposed for re-epithelialisation! We’re on stand...

BDIA 2017 in Birmingham

Yet another first – yes, Biomedical Tissues is exhibiting for the first time at the BDIA 2017 next month in Birmingham.

Dental Membrane Tisseos Indications

Synthetic - today's alternative choice

Intricate, non-woven synthetic microfibers imitate the structure of human collagen and serve as a 3D matrix for early cell colonization and vascularisation.


Unlike bovine or porcine derived membranes, Tisseos® is free from animal derivatives. Our biocompatible synthetic membrane l  the risk of transmission of animal pathogens such as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy.

Widens treatable patient group, Tisseos® synthetic membrans are suitable for patients who avoid animal by-products for cultural reasons or lifestyle choices.

Biocompatible & bioresorbable

Medical-grade Polylactic-Glycolic Acid provides excellent biocompatibility. A 100% biodegradable polymer, PLGA has a long history of successful use in a variety of medical applications and devices such as resorbable sutures, pins, screws etc, and over many decades.


Specially designed bilayered structure prevents (gingival) epithelial tissue ingrowth on one side (smooth fascia of dense layer) while promoting cell infiltration and guided bone healing on the other (matt fascia with non-woven microfibers).

Supple, strong and tear-resistant for tacking and suturing, Tisseos® is easy to both handle and cut to size. Exceptional tissue adhesion during surgery.

Unique shape-memory properties offer optimal membrane shaping and placement to fit defect anatomies.

Maintains architecture and structural integrity for up to 6 months, this prolonged barrier action helps achieve optimal bone and tissue regeneration.

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