Implantable biomaterial and medical device testing services

Implant Testing ServicesSiemens MRI Scanner

For cardiovascular, dental and orthopaedic implants, osteoinductive materials, tissue engineering products

Privileged access to specialist equipment

As key partners of the Laboratory of Physiopathology and Bone Resorption and animal testing platforms at the Nantes University Hospital, Nantes Veterinary School and CIRE (French Institute for Surgery, Imaging and Research on Animals), this means you have have privileged access to medical imaging systems such as Skyscan 1076 in-vivo micro CT, Siemens MRI 3T Magnetom Verio®, Siemens Somatom® CT Scanner and Siemens Arcadis Avantic® Mobile Imaging System which are fully dedicated to animals.

Multi-disciplinary team of experts

You’ll receive expert advice from our team of veterinary, dental, plastic, vascular and orthopaedic surgeons, anaesthetists and microbiologists. We also include internationally renowned researchers as part of our multidisciplinary team offering you expert writing services for scientific publication in peer reviewed journals which are essential for marketing your products.

Fully tailored studies

We offer functional implantation studies (ISO 10993-6) and implant surface analysis such as scanning electron microscopy according to Good Laboratory Practice standards in rodents and rabbits as well as larger animals including goats, sheep and pigs for solid implants (metals, polymers, ceramics), pastes and two-part systems. All our pre-clinical studies are custom designed to suit your investigational device either alone or in comparison with standard of care products, taking into account the type of implant, its intended use and duration of patient contact.

Advanced histology services

As experts in bone tissue samples we are able to offer advanced histology services which include decalcification for paraffin sections or embedding in polymethylmethacrylate resin techniques. We can process hard implants (metal, polymers and ceramics) without removal for detailed evaluation of the interface between the device and the cellular layer of the implant.

Why choose us?

And unlike other preclinical CROS, we have proven our testing and evaluation services meet regulatory requirements for market authorisation as we have already brought our own medical device to market (Tisseos® resorbable synthetic membrane in dentistry). We are ISO 13485 accredited.

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Biomedical Tissues is a preclinical contract research organisation that offers implantable biomaterial and medical device testing and evaluation services.

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