Tisseos® - our landmark product

Biomedical Tissues develops and manufactures the synthetic resorbable membranes that help human tissues to regenerate more quickly. Our landmark product, Tisseos®, is the future in Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) applications.

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Biodegradable polymer


Membrane resorption at 6 months


Free from animal derivatives


Easy to handle and cut to size

Your partner for regenerative medicine

Our tissue and cellular advanced technology results in improved bioresorbable polymer-based implants and implant surface treatments for osteointegration post-surgery.

Through our research and development we aim to achieve better clinical success rates, improve the clinical experience and ultimately improve the quality of life for patients.

Biomedical Tissues also brings to market an innovative honeycomb nanostructured implant surface treatment that speeds the osseointegration of titanium implants for immediate loading. Click on the nTios logo to find out more.

Implant Surface Treatment Nanostructure nTios

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